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Chow-duh! Say it!

December 30, 2009

Well it’s been another long time in between posts, but I now have an entire semester of law school under my belt and can maybe start posting again with a little more regularity.  This is a soup I made back in the beginning of October, but didn’t get to write up until now.  My awesome sister gave me a cookbook for my birthday with a bunch of different soups in it, and this is kind of an amalgam of a bunch of different recipes from that, plus a little of my own imagination.  It was really good this fall; the batch I made was enough to eat for dinner one night and then to bring to school for lunch for the rest of the week, and I think it would be equally delicious in these frigid winter months.



Get your kind veggie burritos, man

April 20, 2009

Kind veggie burrito

As a kid I went to a lot of Phish shows, and from Red Rocks to Oswego, this refrain could be heard all through the parking lots, shouted by greasy-dreaded whiteboys with Coleman tailgate grills and hand-lettered cardboard signs, hawking sloppily thrown-together burritos filled with God knows what.  Never would I have imagined back then that I would be make for myself food somewhat in the vein of this product I so reviled and associated with the stigma of neo-hippies stumbling and juggling devil sticks amid the carnival-reminiscent sounds of third-generation Grateful Dead dubs and the screech of nitrous tanks and constant haze of cigarette and weed smoke and pink taillights.  So, apropos of today’s date, I present my own Diggity Dank Kind Veggie Burritos!