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Delirium Noël

January 4, 2009

Delerium Noël

I’m not usually a big fan of Belgian beers.  I can’t handle all the abbey dubbels and tripels that are en vogue these days and converting all the wine people to beer people.  Not that there’s anything wrong with them, they’re just not usually my thing.  I do, however, make an exception for the Delirium series beers from the Brouwerij Huyghe.  The original, Delirium Tremens, is delicious and their Christmassy Delirium Noël is no different.

I’m an unabashed sucker for nice packaging (believe me, I’ve got stories), and these beers deliver in that department.  The bottle is brown glass, though as you can see, it’s sprayed with a plastic faux-ceramic finish.  Very nice.  The label is also adorned with the adorable pink elephant mascot of the Delirium ales, though – get this – on this one he is bedecked in a Santa hat and striped scarf.  Marvelous!  All kidding aside, they’ve done a great job here, and the classiness is compounded with the festive red foil, wire cage, and champagne cork rather than just a regular old bottle cap to top it.  Well done.

The beer pours a wonderful dark brown with a ruby cast when held up to the light and it smells of all those great Belgian sugary fruits and alcoholiness.  It’s 10%, folks, a bomber of this will get you nice and slanty.  I’m not going to go into all the talk about the lacing and phenolic compounds and all; I am a beer dork in recovery and I can’t abide the jargon.  If you’ve had a Belgian ale, especially a dark one, there aren’t any surprises or anything, just an extremely well done fruity and spicy and just beer-y beer.  It looks, smells, and tastes great.

Delirium Noël

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