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My name’s Rob and I’m a 24-year-old law school student from Buffalo, NY. While there’s a preponderance of food blogs written by those in my demographic, I feel like my personal point of view is somewhat lacking. Not to say that cooking and eating is that much different for me than it is for anyone else, but there’s something to the idea that when you think of a guy cooking (and maybe it’s just the word guy), one tends to imagine a man weaned on ramen and who doesn’t wear pants if he can help it sticking a chicken on a can of beer and baking that in an oven. Either that or the slight, bearded, Williamsburg type who for God’s sake won’t stop talking about the place he buys heirloom tomatoes. Maybe imagine me halfway between. There’s certainly something to be said for simplicity and ease of preparation, but with the same basic things you can bring something together that both tastes good and makes you look good.

As close to a mission statement that I might have for this blog (I’m still uncomfortable around that word) is that I want to share good, not preposterously complicated food. I love cooking and eating, there is nothing comparable to the experience of enjoying a meal that you have created by mixing some stuff together and utilizing a couple of chemical reactions. It’s ridiculously easy to cook, and it’s unforgivable that anyone suppose they can’t do it. I have no training in cooking besides having worked as a prep cook in a pizzeria (this does not count – a well-trained horse could spoon sauce on a pizza and all their feet stay on the ground) and my own experimentation in the kitchen. Anyone with access to a regular grocery store can make splendid food for themselves and their loved ones for the same amount or less money than it takes to feed yourself on frozen chicken nuggets and canned peas.

My interests also run towards beer and music, of which I’ll make recommendations for every food I put on here, as well as possibly reviewing certain beers or albums or trying to put the internet at large onto the kind of stuff I’m interested in…you know…if I feel like it. It is my blog.

But, yeah, thanks for stopping by and please feel free to contact me with any comments, thoughts, hating, etc. at rcgalbraith (at) gmail (dot) com (isn’t it adorable when people write their e-mail addresses like that?).


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