What I’ve Been Up To

Well I haven’t gotten around to updating this blog as much as I’ve wanted to this winter, but I have been cooking the whole time. I took a bunch of pictures of food, but I never typed up the recipes and have since forgotten the recipes for a bunch of them. Whole photo shoots are languishing on my hard drive, so I thought that in lieu of an actual recipe post I’d upload some photos that I’ve taken between my last post and now. Sorry again for this cop-out, I have a post about soup that I’m going to put on the site pretty soon and a whole head full of ideas of things that I will make. I’m really going to try to put something on here every week, so keep checking back if that’s something you’d like to see.

This is our shelf where we keep our teas and vitamin supplements and usually bananas.  The shelf is above our sink and is usually nicely lit.  You can see that mortal and pestle in the recipe for sweet potato chowder.  Featured prominently in this photo are some jalepeno peppers that we grew in the garden behind our house.  This picture is from late October to early November times, the peppers were the last thing left and they sat up on this shelf for a while before I ended up roasting them and making enchiladas.

These are the aforementioned enchiladas plated and surrounded by law school texts.  I took photos of the entire enchilada process, but as you can see, the results weren’t very photogenic and I forgot what I put in there anyways to be honest.  The recipe was basically like the veggie burritos I made last spring.  I really like the set of plates that includes this one here.  They’re from Williams-Sonoma I think and they have these botanical drawings on them.  I like old-timey stuff like that, Audobon books and science drawings and stuff.

Another shot from the enchilada series, this is the tortilla press that I bought at a yard sale during the Lilac Festival in Rochester.  I think the original bolt was a little bigger, because this thing doesn’t get the tortillas as nice and thin as they should be, but they still come out just great.  They’re so tasty and simple to make and I’m thinking of doing a Cook’s Illustrated-type experimentation to perfect my recipe.  Right now I just use masa harina and water,  but I’m itching to do it with lard.  Anyways, this press is heavy and metal and, as you can see, is named Vanessa.  Nessie for short.

I have a bunch of fish ornaments that we always put on the tree at my mom’s house.  She buys me a new one almost every year.  I don’t know what it is about them, but I really like them.  Especially the ones that are made out of the really thin glass with glitter like this one.  I have four or five of these.

My roommate came home one time with a head of elephant garlic and this is a clove from that.  You can’t really tell how big this garlic is from the photo, but trust me, it was mammoth.  Probably the same volume as 4 or 5 regular cloves.  We’re all big garlic eaters in this house, so it was really no big deal when this entire thing went into one batch of soup.  In the background you can see our jars of beans and oatmeal.

Today is my friend Scott’s birthday, and this weekend I went to his house to hang out and celebrate and watch the beginning of the Olympics.  I got there early and made a cake with his girlfriend Sara.  I’ve said a thousand times that I’m no good at baking, but Sara and I baked the HELL out of this cake.  I am inclined to share the recipe anyways because it was so good, so maybe I’ll just make this cake again so I can.  The recipe is from a CIA cookbook that my roommate (who is an AMAZING baker) got for Christmas, but Sara and I added unsweetened coconut to the batter and frosting and swapped the vanilla extract for almond extract.

I just looked up the Wikipedia article about birthday cake in order to put in a little tidbit for this photo of the cake with candles ablaze, but it’s just a mess.  I feel like you don’t see those horrendous articles as often as you used to.  Anyway.  The pertinent part of the article tells me that the tradition of putting candles in a birthday cake dates back to 18th century Germany from birthday celebrations called kinderfest (kinderfesten?).  You put candles on the cake for every year and some to represent years to come.  It seems that here we did not put all 25 candles on.

I got this soda from the Indian grocery store.  It’s another good example of the old-timey type aesthetic that really catches my eye.  Here you see it on an end table in my friends’ apartment with a toy brachiosaurus.  The lighting is just so warm and nice in their apartment.  I took about a thousand photos of different arrangements of stuff on this table.

I hope you have enjoyed this assortment of photos and captions.

Music Selection:

“Rosy and Grey” by The Lowest of the Low

These guys are relatively unknown outside of Buffalo and Southern Ontario I think, but their album “Shakespeare My Butt” is one of my favorite early 90’s alternative records.  This song is just an awesome, good-time, sing-along, buddy track.

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