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Roundup Cop-out Post #1

June 18, 2009

My house!

Courtesy of Google Maps, here is the primary reason that I haven’t updated this since April.  A few weeks ago, I moved out of my mom’s house and into this beautiful upper in North Buffalo with two of my best friends.  It goes without saying that a move, even only 20 some miles away, is time- and brain power-consuming and so this blog thing has really been at the back of my mind.  An added snafu with this whole move is that I no longer have access to my mom’s digital camera to take pictures of the delights my new roomies and I have been cooking up (and we have been cooking up some delightful delights).  Maybe someday soon this summer I’ll be able to throw up some pictures and recipes for noodly salad dishes, whole wheat breads, day-long smoked pork shoulders, and crispy pizzas.  But for now, in order to satisfy my loyal readers (hah!), I’m just going to throw up some links to stuff that has interested me lately.  A lot of it is jacked from other blogs, so if you go down that list on the right here, you’re bound to see some repeats.  Sorry.

Bike Messenger – Here’s a book review David Byrne (yes, the one you’re thinking of) wrote a while back for Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities, a book that’s real close to my current sensibilities.  I just love David Byrne and bicycling and the idea of developing policy to make cities more friendly to bicyclists.  Triple whammy!


Sesame Noodles with Red Cabbage – I really like Macheesmo, and this cold noodle dish is basically exactly what I concocted myself when I wanted something similar the other day.  I made mine with cucumbers, green cabbage, yellow peppers, and bean sprouts.

Raekwon – “New Wu”Only Bulit 4 Cuban Linx 2 has been “coming soon” since right after the first one dropped it seems, but my hopes are high that it will actually come out this august when they’re saying it will, with this new banger as evidence.

Rust Belt Renaissance – This August I am going to be starting my 1L year at the University at Buffalo Law School, and as of late, my area of interest has been ways to shape policy in the Buffalo-Niagara region to revitalize the area (see the interest in Pedaling Revolution).  This is an article about a conference starting today here that was written by a good friend of my ex’s that appeared in last week’s ArtVoice.  I wish I had a spare $25 to check this thing out.

Broken Social Scene – “New Country” – Too bad I’m not allowed into Canada. One of my all-time favorite bands since I caught them as a last-minute act at Thursday at the Square six years ago, Broken Social Scene, played a surprise show in Toronto as part of their label’s NXNE showcase. Not only that, but Leslie Feist played with them for what must have been the first time in almost the same amount of time that I’ve known the band (You may know her from the iPod commercial or her appearance on Sesame Street). Anyways, here’s a video of them playing a song together.

Urban Farming, a Bit Closer to the Sun – Finally, a story from yesterday’s New York Times about Urban Farming.  This also fits into my interest in revitalizing Buffalo and the surrounding area.  There are a lot of grassroots organizations and projects going on right now to localize food-production and decrease sprawl by using land more efficiently.  This is especially relevant to Buffalo where we have hundreds of acres of land that’s not being used right now with abandonded and derelict houses on it (Here’s a bonus link from Bruce Fisher: The Green Zone.  Also, check out his blog: The Fisher Variations).  Now thankfully we have things like Urban Roots and the Wilson Street farm springing up to encourage community and urban agriculture.  In other cities, you have people creating green roofs and restaurants using their space to produce their own produce.  It’s exciting!